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Eve Online bot H-BOT PUBLIC / H-bot project on hold indefinitely
« Last post by H-BOT on February 18, 2023, 10:19:11 PM »
I'm not sure if I'll have the time to fix the bot so from now on H-Bot project is on hold indefinitely.
I'm closing registrations and posts to avoid spam.
Eve Online bot H-BOT FREE BOTS / Re: H-BOT LocMon 2 FREE Eve Online Bot
« Last post by Azule on February 15, 2023, 06:57:41 PM »
h bot reponded in a private forum tread in january looks like he or she is alive , but not status update for us
Eve Online bot H-BOT FREE BOTS / Re: H-BOT LocMon 2 FREE Eve Online Bot
« Last post by Vadim123 on February 15, 2023, 12:27:01 PM »
Still, when LocMon completely stopped working, updates were made. I beg you not to leave the capsuleers in trouble this time too)))
Eve Online bot H-BOT PUBLIC / Re: Is this bot still relevant or will there be no support?
« Last post by Azule on February 14, 2023, 11:58:56 PM »
i dont known!!!!
Eve Online bot H-BOT FREE BOTS / Re: H-BOT LocMon 2 FREE Eve Online Bot
« Last post by Azule on February 14, 2023, 10:33:52 PM »
I have been months trying to get this FIX , but i dont if this page now is abandon project , if they dont going to support any longer or the person in charge is dead by covid . i have send numerous emails and nothing
Eve Online bot H-BOT FREE BOTS / Re: H-BOT LocMon 2 FREE Eve Online Bot
« Last post by Vadim123 on February 14, 2023, 02:01:58 PM »
So CCP removed the option with the old interface. LokMon has stopped working. ((( Please release version 2.8.
Eve Online bot H-BOT PUBLIC / Is this bot still relevant or will there be no support?
« Last post by exx on January 11, 2023, 06:45:24 PM »
Is this bot still relevant or will there be no support?
Eve Online bot H-BOT PUBLIC / Re: Safespots autoconfig error
« Last post by skildreth on December 14, 2022, 11:24:53 AM »
solved the issue, safe location may not start with an underscore _
Eve Online bot H-BOT PUBLIC / Re: Safespots autoconfig error
« Last post by skildreth on December 14, 2022, 11:13:59 AM »
i keep having the same issue. Get everything else to work.

08:50:36|Login Successful!
08:50:36|Load Belts overview in Eve and select one belt!
08:50:36|Then press Auto configure in H-Bot.
09:20:37|DEMO VERSION!. Bot stopped!
09:25:03|Don't forget to configure drones shortcuts!!!
09:28:29|Eve Window Found!
09:28:36|AutoConfig failed!
09:28:37|Eve Window Found!
09:28:40|AutoConfig failed!
09:28:42|Eve Window Found!
09:28:44|AutoConfig failed!
09:28:56|Eve Window Found!
09:28:58|AutoConfig failed!
09:37:23|Eve Window Found!
09:37:30|AutoConfig failed!
09:37:35|Eve Window Found!
09:37:44|AutoConfig failed!
09:38:36|Eve Window Found!
09:38:41|AutoConfig failed!
09:41:20|Eve Window Found!
09:41:24|AutoConfig failed!
09:42:09|Eve Window Found!
09:42:11|AutoConfig failed!
09:43:28|Eve Window Found!
09:43:32|AutoConfig failed!
09:43:43|Eve Window Found!
09:45:46|AutoConfig failed!
09:45:48|Eve Window Found!
09:45:51|AutoConfig failed!
09:46:06|Eve Window Found!
09:46:07|HUD center autocfigured!
09:46:07|Overview not found!
09:46:07|Can't find local channel!
09:46:07|Local channel not found!
09:46:07|SelectedItem window found!
09:46:07|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:46:07|Drones window width = 370
09:46:07|Name column not found!
09:46:07|Distance column not found!
09:46:07|Can't find safespots!
09:46:07|AutoConfig Failed!
09:46:47|Eve Window Found!
09:46:47|Can't find local channel!
09:46:47|Local channel not found!
09:46:47|SelectedItem window found!
09:46:47|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:46:47|Can't find drones window right side!
09:46:47|Drones folder not found!
09:46:47|Column headers found!
09:46:48|Can't find safespots!
09:46:48|AutoConfig Failed!
09:47:18|Eve Window Found!
09:47:19|Can't find local channel!
09:47:19|Local channel not found!
09:47:19|SelectedItem window found!
09:47:19|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:47:19|Drones window width = 359
09:47:19|Column headers found!
09:47:19|Can't find safespots!
09:47:19|AutoConfig Failed!
09:47:57|Eve Window Found!
09:47:57|Can't find local channel!
09:47:57|Local channel not found!
09:47:57|SelectedItem window found!
09:47:57|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:47:57|Can't find drones window right side!
09:47:57|Drones folder not found!
09:47:57|Column headers found!
09:47:58|Can't find safespots!
09:47:58|AutoConfig Failed!
09:48:44|Eve Window Found!
09:48:45|Can't find local channel!
09:48:45|Local channel not found!
09:48:45|SelectedItem window found!
09:48:45|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:48:45|Can't find drones window right side!
09:48:45|Drones folder not found!
09:48:45|Column headers found!
09:48:45|Can't find safespots!
09:48:45|AutoConfig Failed!
09:49:47|Eve Window Found!
09:49:48|Can't find local channel!
09:49:48|Local channel not found!
09:49:48|SelectedItem window found!
09:49:48|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:49:48|Can't find drones window right side!
09:49:48|Drones folder not found!
09:49:48|Column headers found!
09:49:48|Can't find safespots!
09:49:49|AutoConfig Failed!
09:50:21|Eve Window Found!
09:50:21|Can't find local channel!
09:50:21|Local channel not found!
09:50:21|SelectedItem window found!
09:50:21|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:50:21|Can't find drones window right side!
09:50:21|Drones folder not found!
09:50:21|Column headers found!
09:50:22|Can't find safespots!
09:50:22|AutoConfig Failed!
09:50:37|DEMO VERSION!. Bot stopped!
09:50:58|Settings saved to file!
09:51:03|Eve Window Found!
09:51:04|Can't find local channel!
09:51:04|Local channel not found!
09:51:04|SelectedItem window found!
09:51:04|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:51:04|Can't find drones window right side!
09:51:04|Drones folder not found!
09:51:04|Column headers found!
09:51:04|Can't find safespots!
09:51:04|AutoConfig Failed!
09:51:50|Eve Window Found!
09:51:50|Can't find local channel!
09:51:50|Local channel not found!
09:51:50|SelectedItem window found!
09:51:50|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:51:50|Drones window width = 417
09:51:50|Column headers found!
09:51:51|Can't find safespots!
09:51:51|AutoConfig Failed!
09:51:57|Eve Window Found!
09:51:58|Can't find local channel!
09:51:58|Local channel not found!
09:51:58|SelectedItem window found!
09:51:58|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:51:58|Drones window width = 417
09:51:58|Column headers found!
09:51:59|Can't find safespots!
09:51:59|AutoConfig Failed!
09:52:20|Eve Window Found!
09:52:21|Can't find local channel!
09:52:21|Local channel not found!
09:52:21|SelectedItem window found!
09:52:21|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:52:21|Drones window width = 417
09:52:21|Column headers found!
09:52:21|Can't find safespots!
09:52:21|AutoConfig Failed!
09:53:03|Settings saved to file!
09:53:09|Eve Window Found!
09:53:09|Overview not found!
09:53:10|Can't find local channel!
09:53:10|Local channel not found!
09:53:10|SelectedItem window found!
09:53:10|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:53:10|Drones folder not found!
09:53:10|Column headers found!
09:53:10|Can't find safespots!
09:53:10|AutoConfig Failed!
09:54:28|Eve Window Found!
09:54:29|Overview not found!
09:54:29|Can't find local channel!
09:54:29|Local channel not found!
09:54:29|SelectedItem window found!
09:54:29|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:54:29|Drones window width = 433
09:54:29|Name column not found!
09:54:29|Distance column not found!
09:54:29|Can't find safespots!
09:54:29|AutoConfig Failed!
09:55:34|Eve Window Found!
09:55:35|Overview not found!
09:55:35|Can't find local channel!
09:55:35|Local channel not found!
09:55:35|SelectedItem window found!
09:55:35|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:55:35|Drones folder not found!
09:55:35|Name column not found!
09:55:35|Distance column not found!
09:55:36|Can't find safespots!
09:55:36|AutoConfig Failed!
09:55:57|Eve Window Found!
09:55:57|Overview not found!
09:55:57|Can't find local channel!
09:55:57|Local channel not found!
09:55:57|SelectedItem window found!
09:55:57|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:55:57|Drones folder not found!
09:55:57|Name column not found!
09:55:57|Distance column not found!
09:55:58|Can't find safespots!
09:55:58|AutoConfig Failed!
09:56:23|Eve Window Found!
09:56:24|Overview not found!
09:56:24|Can't find local channel!
09:56:24|Local channel not found!
09:56:24|SelectedItem window found!
09:56:24|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:56:24|Drones folder not found!
09:56:24|Name column not found!
09:56:24|Distance column not found!
09:56:25|Can't find safespots!
09:56:25|AutoConfig Failed!
09:58:00|Eve Window Found!
09:58:00|Local window found!
09:58:00|Local standings autoconfigured!
09:58:00|SelectedItem window found!
09:58:00|Distance not found in Sel.Item!
09:58:00|Buttons not found in Selected Item!
09:58:00|Drones window width = 259
09:58:00|Column headers found!
09:58:01|Can't find safespots!
09:58:01|AutoConfig Failed!
09:58:19|Eve Window Found!
09:58:20|Local window found!
09:58:20|Local standings autoconfigured!
09:58:20|SelectedItem window found!
09:58:20|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:58:20|Drones window width = 259
09:58:20|Column headers found!
09:58:21|Can't find safespots!
09:58:21|AutoConfig Failed!
09:59:29|Eve Window Found!
09:59:30|Local window found!
09:59:30|Local standings autoconfigured!
09:59:30|SelectedItem window found!
09:59:30|Distance found in Sel.Item1
09:59:30|Drones window width = 259
09:59:30|Column headers found!
09:59:31|Can't find safespots!
09:59:31|AutoConfig Failed!
10:01:06|Eve Window Found!
10:01:06|Local window found!
10:01:06|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:01:06|SelectedItem window found!
10:01:06|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:01:06|Drones window width = 259
10:01:07|Column headers found!
10:01:07|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:01:07|AutoConfig Failed!
10:02:14|Eve Window Found!
10:02:14|Local window found!
10:02:14|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:02:14|SelectedItem window found!
10:02:14|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:02:14|Drones window width = 259
10:02:14|Column headers found!
10:02:14|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:02:14|AutoConfig Failed!
10:02:49|Eve Window Found!
10:02:49|Local window found!
10:02:49|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:02:49|SelectedItem window found!
10:02:49|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:02:49|Drones window width = 259
10:02:49|Column headers found!
10:02:49|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:02:49|AutoConfig Failed!
10:02:59|Eve Window Found!
10:03:00|Local window found!
10:03:00|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:03:00|SelectedItem window found!
10:03:00|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:03:00|Drones window width = 259
10:03:00|Column headers found!
10:03:00|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:03:00|AutoConfig Failed!
10:03:14|Eve Window Found!
10:03:14|Local window found!
10:03:14|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:03:14|SelectedItem window found!
10:03:14|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:03:14|Drones window width = 259
10:03:14|Column headers found!
10:03:14|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:03:14|AutoConfig Failed!
10:03:31|Eve Window Found!
10:03:31|Local window found!
10:03:31|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:03:31|SelectedItem window found!
10:03:31|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:03:31|Drones window width = 259
10:03:31|Column headers found!
10:03:31|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:03:31|AutoConfig Failed!
10:05:48|Eve Window Found!
10:05:49|Local window found!
10:05:49|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:05:49|SelectedItem window found!
10:05:49|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:05:49|Drones window width = 259
10:05:49|Column headers found!
10:05:49|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:05:49|AutoConfig Failed!
10:06:14|Eve Window Found!
10:06:15|Local window found!
10:06:15|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:06:15|SelectedItem window found!
10:06:15|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:06:15|Drones window width = 259
10:06:15|Column headers found!
10:06:15|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:06:15|AutoConfig Failed!
10:06:21|Eve Window Found!
10:06:21|Local window found!
10:06:21|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:06:21|SelectedItem window found!
10:06:21|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:06:22|Drones window width = 259
10:06:22|Column headers found!
10:06:22|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:06:22|AutoConfig Failed!
10:09:15|Eve Window Found!
10:09:16|Local window found!
10:09:16|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:09:16|SelectedItem window found!
10:09:16|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:09:16|Drones window width = 259
10:09:16|Column headers found!
10:09:16|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:09:16|AutoConfig Failed!
10:09:23|Eve Window Found!
10:09:24|Can't find local channel!
10:09:24|Local channel not found!
10:09:24|SelectedItem window found!
10:09:24|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:09:24|Drones window width = 259
10:09:24|Column headers found!
10:09:24|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:09:24|AutoConfig Failed!
10:09:38|Eve Window Found!
10:09:39|Can't find local channel!
10:09:39|Local channel not found!
10:09:39|SelectedItem window found!
10:09:39|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:09:39|Drones window width = 259
10:09:39|Column headers found!
10:09:39|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:09:39|AutoConfig Failed!
10:09:46|Eve Window Found!
10:09:46|Can't find local channel!
10:09:46|Local channel not found!
10:09:46|SelectedItem window found!
10:09:46|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:09:46|Drones window width = 259
10:09:46|Column headers found!
10:09:46|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:09:46|AutoConfig Failed!
10:09:54|Eve Window Found!
10:09:55|Local window found!
10:09:55|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:09:55|SelectedItem window found!
10:09:55|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:09:55|Drones window width = 259
10:09:55|Column headers found!
10:09:55|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:09:55|AutoConfig Failed!
10:10:02|Eve Window Found!
10:10:02|Local window found!
10:10:02|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:10:02|SelectedItem window found!
10:10:02|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:10:02|Drones window width = 259
10:10:02|Column headers found!
10:10:02|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:10:02|AutoConfig Failed!
10:10:17|Eve Window Found!
10:10:17|Local window found!
10:10:17|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:10:17|SelectedItem window found!
10:10:17|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:10:17|Drones window width = 259
10:10:17|Column headers found!
10:10:17|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:10:17|AutoConfig Failed!
10:10:24|Eve Window Found!
10:10:25|Local window found!
10:10:25|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:10:25|SelectedItem window found!
10:10:25|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:10:25|Drones window width = 259
10:10:25|Column headers found!
10:10:25|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:10:25|AutoConfig Failed!
10:10:34|Eve Window Found!
10:10:35|Local window found!
10:10:35|Local standings autoconfigured!
10:10:35|SelectedItem window found!
10:10:35|Distance found in Sel.Item1
10:10:35|Drones window width = 259
10:10:35|Column headers found!
10:10:35|2 Safespots found but not in this system!
10:10:35|AutoConfig Failed!

it seems to find safespots. I only have 2 and they are in the current system.

Eve Online bot H-BOT FREE BOTS / Re: H-BOT LocMon 2 FREE Eve Online Bot
« Last post by Vadim123 on December 13, 2022, 04:47:42 PM »
Thanks a lot for your advice!!! Disabled the new theme and everything works! But, CCP are keen to bring the game to a new theme. I was hoping LockMon would be ready for this. I beg you, configure LocMon for the new Photon interface.  Thank you very much!!!
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