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Author Topic: A few bugs/or not i can't get around  (Read 3060 times)

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A few bugs/or not i can't get around
« on: January 20, 2012, 10:12:03 AM »

i will do the problems i get in points for easier read-reply:

I am using the bot in a carrier and doing anomailes autoscan

1. The bot does not ignore the anomalies i tell it to at all , what it does is open the scanner and just warp to the first anomaly it can find. below are the anomalies i told it to avoid , i want it only to do forlorn hubs.

hidden rally point
forsaken rally point
forsaken hub
forsaken den
forlorn rally point
forlorn den
Searching types to avoid:
Scan finished!
Results found! No need to scan again.
Top result ignored!
Attempt to ignore top result...
Opening Scanner...

After a while , say 2-3 or 4-5 anomalies done it ignores all results in scanner , not just the last anomaly it has been in to , therefore finding no anomalies it tries to warp to the ss i have created , which leads to the second error

2. when it initiates warp it doesn't wait long enough for the ship to enter warp , therefore right before the ship is in warp it cancels it thinking it is stuck and opens the asteroids menu and tries to orbit one to get unstuck. After a while it opens the scanner again , scans and since it has ignored all results finds nothing and tries to warp to ss , but again it cancels the warp command right before it enters warp so it goes in to a never ending cycle. I watch it do 4 cycles of this...

that i fixed , there is an option i didn't know about ^^

3. The option for unlock down target to : 2(by default) if scrambled doesn't work. What it does is when scrammed it locks one target , then sends drones and guns on it to kill it , then unlocks it and goes to lock another target , locks another target and sends guns and drones on it , then goes and unlocks it again. Efectively ending in a never ending cycle of locking and unlocking targets and sending drones to travel all the time , not killing anything. i have turned the option off

4. Tank detection , i have no idea how this works. I have set it to armor and haven't touched the default percentages . In ocr settings i have tried with the default tank detection 5 up to maximum of 30. When i have the option log off on low armor turned on , it just once in a while say : tank is low , armor is low and logs off eve. I have turned off the option to avoid it but that is really dangerous.

that i also fixed , had been running the bot without the map being open and moved to the side ^^

5. When the downtime message pops up , the bot just hangs there and does nothing.

Please be so kind to tell me if i am doing something wrong and if there are options somewhere to get around those problems. I have followed the guide and rechecked it 2ce so far for any errors i might have done. My color setting in eve are as described 0,0,0 255 in both settings. I have my map moved to the side so it does show blank space , i have all my contacts removed since when someone logs off it thinks a new spawn has showed up and recalls all drones(small bug) i have copied the overview settings from the ones provided.
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Re: A few bugs/or not i can't get around
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 05:05:27 PM »
1. Keywords are case-sensitive so correct your list. haven -> Haven etc.
3. Just set the unlock down to = (your max targets - 2). If your ship+skills can target for example 8 targets set it to 6.
5. Increase the [Popup detection aux] in ocr settings. 50 should be ok.

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Re: A few bugs/or not i can't get around
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2012, 12:57:42 AM »
thanks for the replies i got it all working now