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  Use this FREE utility to monitor your local channel for hostiles as well as the local chat for keywords. There are times when you have to go semi-afk or you just are too sleepy or too tired to have your eyes on local channel all the time. H-Bot LocMon will sit in background and monitor the local channel of EVE. It displays the total number of pilots in solar system, the number of friendlies, hostiles and neutrals. On hostiles there are options to just alert with a sound or exit EVE after some seconds.
  You can set some keywords and get a sound notification when they are typed in local. Both Pilot's name and the text he types in local is checked so for example you can add a pilot's name to the keywords list and when this pilot types anything in local you'll hear the alarm. Another example is adding words like "Hello", "Hi", "o/", "Hey" etc. so you get alerted when someone greets you. Keywords are not case sensitive so you just need to input each word once.
  You can stop the utility at any moment by pressing the [stop bot] button.

  Before using H-Bot LocMon you have to do some basic settings in eve.
1. Go to general settngs tab and set theme to Dark Matter and Transparency bar to 0 (drag to the left)
2. Open overview settings and go to APPEARANCE->COLORTAG and move the blue plus boxes (positive standings) to top and uncheck gang, corporation and alliance colortags. Also set standings to your corporation to positive. You can do that from people and places window. Find your corporation->set standings. Set it to positive.
3. Local channel should be unpinned (non transparent)
4. Local list must be in Compact mode (To select compact mode click the pilots icon in top bar of your local channel)

Thats it!

Upload Date: 31-10-2021
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Its not working anymore for me? Is ist because of the small Patch? My problem ist that it says now always 1 Hostile and 11 friendly in evry system, even if theres noone there.


--- Quote from: Moone on January 22, 2013, 08:22:00 PM ---Its not working anymore for me? Is ist because of the small Patch? My problem ist that it says now always 1 Hostile and 11 friendly in evry system, even if theres noone there.

--- End quote ---
Locmon works fine. Make sure colors are set to 0.0.0 and transp to 255 in eve. Send me a screenshot if you can't find the problem.

I'm very bad speak in English and use of translation software. Therefore I ask for errors to throw tomatoes in the program Google Translate!
Essentially: Your program can work in a system of two monitors on a second monitor? How to make this work? I tried. It did not work. Here is a screen.

Locmon works great, but is there a way I can either make separate instances of the program monitor different eve windows (or I guess just trick it into monitoring 2 local windows at once)?
Here's a picture to help make sense of what I'm doing here.
If I set someone on the first client red, locmon screams at me just like it should. If I set them red on the second, nothing (surprise!).

Strangely enough, the local chat monitor will actually read what's said in each eve client, but it doesn't scan the second client for standings.

e: To clarify things a little, my setup looks strange because I'm using isboxer. I think locmon just thinks that my second client's local window is a secondary chat window of the first client or something.

e2: I doubt you want to bother with it, but an option to select which client gets monitored would be really awesome.


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