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What is H-BOT software
« on: October 16, 2007, 09:49:18 PM »
   EVE-Online is probably the best MMORPG game out there, but although it is a great game, sometimes it becomes very boring. It's not that EVE lacks features and complexity. It's just how a humans mind works. Anything that is repeated over and over becomes boring.
   All EVE players know that hunting rats at belts is a profitable task, but it's only effective if you do it for extended period of time. Warping from belt to belt and killing rats is fun! But it's fun for 10 minutes :). After that it becomes BORING! Same goes for looting wrecks, and traveling with your Iteron at trade routes.
   H-Bot is here to become your loyal and tireless friend that will give you a hand for these boring procedures! It's a bot (from robot) computer application that simulates your gameplay for the above tasks.

   H-Bot NPC Hunter will hunt rats on asteroid belts, anomalies or missions(only the fighting part of missions) without human interference. It will fight rats, boost/rep tank, warp out on low tank and hide in safespot when a hostile appears in local etc. H-Bot Npc Hunter can also Salvage and Loot wrecks left in belts, anomalies or even missions. Its task is to make you rich and it will not stop until it reaches its goal.

   H-Bot EVE-Pilot is an enhanced autopilot that warps to 0 km at gates instead of 15. It will reduce you autopilot traveling time 2-3 times and make a trader’s life a lot easier.

   H-Bot Local Monitor is a small utility that monitors your local channel. It alerts you when a hostile or neutral has entered local and can even log off your eve client when this happens. It's useful if you don't want to have your eye on local channel all the time when your hunt rats, salvage-loot or mine in 0.0 space.
  My opinion is that EVE has an exciting PVP system that everybody should have the chance to experience and lack of ISK is a negative factor to that.
 So REBOOT’s motto would be: PVP more and let H-BOT earn ISK for you!
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