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DEMO VERSION (Latest update:Jan 17 2019)
H-Bot Npc Hunter version 4.8 build 170119 Compatible with latest EvE expansion!

 ( ( Works on:  VISTA, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10

Note: Demo version does not warp to safespot when hostiles appear in local! Instead it just sounds an alarm and prompts to manually warp to safespot. Also every 20 minutes a number verification window appears so please don't leave H-Bot Npc Hunter DEMO version unattended to avoid accidents. Of course the full version warps to safespot and there are no number verification windows.

When configuring the bot if you want to skip the steps 21-29 of the setup guide you can download and import the overview presets from here:  (Right Click ->SaveAs)
Put it in MyDocuments\EVE\Overview\ and import it through overview settings