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Author Topic: RULE About WTS / WTB accounts  (Read 10353 times)

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RULE About WTS / WTB accounts
« on: March 25, 2010, 11:50:34 PM »
Personal H-Bot accounts are not allowed to be resold. The reason this is not allowed is because it's a negative factor to real sells and H-Bot development.

Of course I can not prevent people contacting others via email but any pms or email spammers via will be banned and accounts blocked after a warning.

I hope you understand that I cannot tollerate to get to a point where accounts selled couple of years ago are recycled damaging the income I get from sells. The support and further development of H-Bot takes a lot of time and effort and I expect to get payed for it.

H-Bot Hunter earns isk of its value in 4-5 days of use so I think it's fair. So keep in mind H-Bot accounts are personal and can not be resold. The only way to sell an account for ISK is if someone contacts me before buying the account and makes it clear he wants to resell for fast ISK.
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