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Author Topic: [Guide] Using EP for Standings  (Read 6992 times)

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[Guide] Using EP for Standings
« on: November 18, 2007, 09:58:47 PM »
The Comprehensive Guide to using Eve-Pilot to Raise Faction Standings
With detailed examples from the Caldari faction

Storylines and COSMOS are the only way to get faction standings. Storylines are offered every 16 missions that you complete of 1 level (aka 1,2,3 or 4) per faction. It doesn't have to be the same corporation, the same division (Security, Command, etc.) or even the same region. It only has to be the same level and the same faction. Factions are, for example, Caldari, Amarr, Minmatar, or Gallente.

Some factions do NOT give storylines at all. Interbus is a good example as is Servant Sisters of Eve

With the above in mind, it is obvious the best way to get tons of faction standings is by doing fast missions so you can get multiple storyline missions at once.

So what is even faster than kill missions in an X-Type faction fitted CNR? Couriers missions. Slow, boring, and a huge timesink, I would never have even considered doing a single one if it weren't for the WTZ bot found here.  ;)

By manipulating EVE's already bot friendly UI (:D) it is obvious that it is possible, and even efficient, to do up to TEN courier missions at once.

With a good starting system/system cluster you can often load up 3-9 missions at a time, and I'm going to show whoever is reading the best system, in the game I believe, for doing couriers with the EP bot for the faction Caldari State.

Before you start using Caldari courier agents, it's useful (but not required) to have a faction standing of 5 or so. The reason the high faction standing is nice to begin with is that it lets you use a large amount of agents even if you have never run a mission for their corporation.

Getting Started
You want to fit your hauler for two things:
1. Agility. Helps you align faster; you don't need actual m/s speed, since you'll be WTZing.
2. Cargo space. Missions can require from 1-2000m3 each.

So, to be more specific, you want:
1. An industrial. See below for comparisons.
2. Enough cargo expanders to fill all your low slots. T2 is preferred.
3. Enough inertia stabilizers to fill all your low slots. T2 is again better.
4. Cargohold Optimization rigs. Be aware they are expensive, so only buy them if you've got spare cash.

A full rack of IStabs will give you a faster align (time to enter warp) speed. A full rack of cargo expanders will let you cram all the missions items into your cargohold.

Now for the Caldari faction specific guide.

In the Airkio system there are 12 Caldari agents who dispense courier missions. Click the word Airkio above for a list thanks to EVE-Agents.com

They start out at Level 2 and work up to Level 4, I recommend grinding the L2s and Level 3s in the TOP DOWN (a corporation) stations until you can access the level 4s in the Top Down station. Now here is where it gets kind of annoying. While running these Level 2s and 3s there is no Top Down storyline agent, instead you will likely be referred to the storyline agent in IX – Minedrill factory. So, in all likelihood you will lend up with higher standing to Minedrill than Top Down while running these missions. However, your faction standing will still be growing.

Further Grinding[/b]
You'll have to do quite a bit of lower level grinding until you can use the agents here, but it's a really, really nice system. The system name is Umokka. It is located 2 Jumps from Airkio and is a dead-end system (this is important as all couriers you take will be funneled outward towards the other courier systems, it makes for a very efficient ride as you will always be headed in roughly the same direction).

How to make this efficient:

1. As soon as you can use an agent, bookmark the station that they are in
2. When you ask an agent for an offer, ask for more info and right-click ‘Add Waypoint’ to the drop-off (or to the pickup when you have to take something from point B to Point C).
3. After you've picked up a few courier missions, open your map (F10) and go to the Autopilots tab, then to the Waypoints subtab. At the bottom there is a button labeled "Optimize." Click it, and it will rearrange your waypoints so that you have the shortest possible route.
4. While flying through to your courier destinations simply right click on space and see if you have a station agent bookmarked. If so fly in and get a courier.
5. Here's where the EP bot comes in. After optimizing, you need to write down (the EVE notepad works fine) the waypoints in order that your Autopilot calculated would be most efficient. You'll have to look at your route on the map.
6. The closest waypoint should be first on your list. Right click and select "Select Destination" this time, instead of "Add Waypoint". Arrange your People & Places -> Bookmark tab so that the Agent Missions folder is open, and setup your EP bot so that the Dock Station coordinates at the same as the destination station for your the courier mission.
7. If all goes well, you can now activate your EP bot, it will fly to the waypoint, dock at the mission station, and you can turn in one mission, undock, and repeat step 6 with the next closest waypoint.

I understand this may be hard to follow, and if you need help, don't hesitate to ask!

A Couple Things You Should Know
1.  The Lonetrek Region is very nice, but don't discount adding some agents from the Citadel or Forge if they look close, you can find all courier agents, and sort by faction, region and required standing at EVE-Agents.
2. As you’re picking up mission items slowly swap out your IStab modules for Cargo Expander modules as needed. Carry the modules you aren't fitting immediately around with you.
3. Stay out of Low-Sec  :)
4. A full rack of T2 expanders, T1 rigs, and L5 racial industrial skills hits:
--Iteron Mark V.........38433
--Badger II...............20687
But you should consider skill requirements as well, and the road to Transport ships.
5. No harm in investing in connections skill books once the LP adds up.
6. You can have more than one storyline mission offered at one time. The agents will just be further and further away every time.
7. Kernite is useful for the Materials for War Preparation storyline, which is common.
8. There is also a small boost from the Caldari storylines to Amarr, Khanid, and Amattar. They are capped at 5/6/6 respectively, not including skills.
9. There is also a small loss from the Caldari storylines to Gallente and Minmatar. They are capped at -2/-5 respectively.

Here is an example screenshot from Umokka.

Another Method for Grinding
To replace step 3 and beyond with a different method:

1. Blah blah, get the courier missions.
2. After you've gotten some, open your People & Places, go to Places subtab, and open the folder titled Agent Missions (mine is empty right now). Make sure it is sorted by Jumps from lowest to highest (red box). The destination stations will appear in the area where my "No item" is.
3. Select the closest (lowest jumps) destination, right click, "Set Destination". Set your EP's Dock Station coordinates to the same as the place you just set your destination to, and activate your EP.
4. If all goes well, you'll be in the station, and be able to turn in a mission (or pick up items required for one), undock, and repeat from step 2.
5. Be 100% sure your Jumps is set from least to greatest, as shown in my screenshot. This will replace the need to Optimize your route and write it down.

I need feedback on the replacements steps. Are they better or worse than the crossed out steps?

Enjoy :D