December 13, 2018, 09:37:54 PM

Author Topic: issues with anom scanning  (Read 54 times)

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issues with anom scanning
« on: December 01, 2018, 07:51:58 AM »
Here is my copy of my log.

23:44:57|Eve Window Found!
23:44:58|HUD center autocfigured!
23:44:58|SelectedItem window found!
23:44:58|Distance found in Sel.Item1
23:44:58|Column headers found!
23:44:58|Initialising ammo icon coordinates...
23:44:58|Ammo item found!
23:44:58|Cargo window found!
23:44:58|Inventory gauge found!
23:44:58|Cargo gauge autoconfigured!
23:44:58|2 bookmarks in this system found!
23:44:58|Subtracting 1 scan positions from safespots...
23:44:58|1 top bms are safespots
23:44:58|AutoConfig Success!
23:44:58|Press START H-BOT!
23:44:59|Eve Window Found!
23:44:59|Starting bot in few seconds...
23:45:02|Activating modules...
23:45:06|Opening scanner...
23:45:07|Waiting for scanner window.
23:45:08|Scanner window found!
23:45:10|Results found!
23:45:10|Can't find bottom of Scanner
23:45:11|No scanner results! Changing to Asteroids mode...
23:45:15|Attempt to warp to belt #1
23:45:21|Bot Stopped!

So my main issue is I have been having problems getting the anom-autoscan to work. it displays the scan window, but immedietly can't find the bottom and moves on. I've adjusted resolutions, window sizes, I'm at a loss here guys. anyone know of some recommendations?